Online gaming has become very much a part of life for many across the world. These games provide a great escape from the hustles of daily lives. In recent times, you might think that simple games are not much addictive or entertaining as compared to the games with high-end graphics and interactive user-interface. This not the case though, classic games like- Bubble Shooter are here to stay. The Bubble Shooter is called classic for a reason and its magic won’t fade away easily.

Though these new-age games have quality graphics and addictive plot lines but the objective and challenges are almost the same. These new-generation games have a similar pathline to win the game. In order to succeed you have to follow the same path. No matter how many times you play the game, the technique and the route remains the same. Once you finish all the levels, there is nothing you could do more. In other words, once you figure out the way, you could easily clear all the levels and once you have finished all the levels you are done.

Classic games like Bubble Shooter offer simple yet challenging story lines. No two games of the bubble shooter are the same. The game may seem simple but the winning circumstances keep changing from the game to game. Users have to think independently for each game depending on the challenges that they are presented with. The users have to make strategies for each game and that is why the game is both simple yet complex. The game-play may seem like that is made for kids or could be easily achievable but don’t get fooled, the game might be easy to play but hard to be mastered and that is why Bubble shooter is known worldwide as a classic game.


The origin of the classic game – Bubble shooter

  • The Bubble shooter derives its origin from the class game Puzzle Bobble Up. The Puzzle Bobble 2 was created by Taito Corporation in 1995.
  • The game was popular in the arcade category and rose to fame in 2001 when it became available as a game for PCs.
  • The game then came to be recognized as The Bubble shooter, the name we are familiar with today.
  • The game was published and created then by Absolutist.
  • The developer launched several other versions of the game and they were available in the markets for quite some time but nothing was as popular as the Bubble shooter, the name with which we are accustomed today. The game then became functional and available to all PC users.
  • The game was originally developed for kids but later it attracted a lot of adult audiences too.
  • The mechanics of the game are simple, users have to shoot the ball in a certain direction and match up same-colored bubbles and hence the name bubble shooter.
  • The simple and non-complex user interface attracted a lot of audiences. The game though seems extremely simple but for a lot of users out there, the concept is deep and complex yet addictive.
  • Giving its utmost popularity, the developers make it available not only for PCs and arcade halls but for all electronic devices.
  • Since the game is built on a simple premise and has no complex, high-end graphics, it could be easily accessible by users on almost every device.
  • The simplicity of the game makes it compatible with each and every device, whether it’s your laptop, PC, mobile phones or tablets.
  • Bubble shooter does not hold up any long introductions, character, quality graphic requirements or complicated character interactions. It is a just simple challenging arcade in its truest form.
  • Today, the game can be found with a few modifications to match up with the growing gaming requirements of the audiences. Few alternations with the look of the game but the principle or the concept of the game remains the same.


Get Familiar with the Bubble Shooter Layout and Design

bubble shooter

  • When you begin with the game Bubble Shooter, you will come across a box that has numerous tiles of where colorful balls, balloons or bubbles are placed.
  • The bubbles in the game are by default arranged in this way. To reach higher levels in the game, you have to play accordingly and aim your shoot in a way to hit the same colored bubbles in a row.
  • At the bottom of the box, you will find your bubble in which you aim and shoot in such a way that it removes all the same colored as many bubbles as possible.
  • While shooting, you will see an arrow at the direction of your mouse, the arrow is basically there to guide and make it fairly easy for you to shoot in the right direction.
  • You will notice a new bubble coming up beside the current bubble that you are about to shoot. By keeping an eye on that upcoming bubble, you can plan your move or strategy in advance based on that upcoming bubble. In this way, you will always be at an advantage and one step ahead in the game.
  • On the right-hand side, you will find all the game options. You can change the game settings and make modifications and alternations as per your requirements.
  • On the right side, you can also find the option to restart the game or change the basic settings such as difficulty level, mechanics, board color. You can also search for help regarding the game, you will be provided with a full game guide tour.
  • With simple game functions, you can easily make modifications without changing the basic look of the game and still enjoy the nostalgia.
  • Once you start playing the game, you become familiar with the game controls and can save your personal records and high scores.
  • With saved high scores and your last game scores, you can compete with no one but yourself. Use your last score to motivate you to perform better the next time.
  • Once you start competing with yourself, the game would become more interesting to you and in no time you will be joining the high scores bandwagon.
  • Not just with yourself, you can invite your friends and family and challenge them to beat your high scores. No monetary rewards but an urge to beat everyone and to remain on the top by making high scores would keep you hooked to the game and sometimes playing just for fun is more worth than winning.


Beginner’s Guide to Bubble Shooter –  How to play the game

bubble games 

  • As mentioned above, bubble shooter is quite an easy game to play, with simple rules and game controls.
  • The rules of the game are basic and anyone can play the game provided they know how to click a mouse, can distinguish between different colors and have a little bit of logical reasoning while shooting the bubbles and making a pattern.
  • The purpose of the game is to shoot all the bubbles on your way and removing the accumulated bubbles by shooting the bubbles of the same color.
  • While shooting the bubbles, you have to make sure that you are aiming at the same colored bubbles in order to hit a score and reach higher levels in the game.
  • You will be really lucky if you are able to move the whole cluster of bubbles in one go but usually, you can only remove two or three bubbles at a time.
  • You need to shoot at least two or three bubbles of similar colors to accomplish the game objective and to move all the accumulated bubbles.
  • Aim at the connected bubbles of the same color, the best would be to aim at least two or three connected bubbles in order to remove more bubbles, set the arrow in their direction and shoot.
  • Keep aiming and shooting the same colored bubbles until there are no bubbles left on the screen. The goal of the game is to remove all the bubbles from the screen.
  • Start over and beat your high score.
  • If the only aim of the game is to shoot the same colored bubbles, there would be no fun without the twists or the penalties for each mistake incurred in the game.
  • So, to keep the fun going and making the game more challenging, every fifth time when you miss to shoot the same colored bubbles or connect the string, the game will keep on adding more bubbles from the top.
  • This would make the game interesting and challenging for each wrong move that you make.
  • In this way, you cannot just sit relaxed and wait for the game to end itself or just keep shooting the bubbles without applying any logic. You will always be aware of your move and plan it in advance to make high scores and beat others.
  • Bubble shooter will reward you when you play the game with the utmost attention and strategically and charge you with a penalty if you just shoot aimlessly without any planned move.
  • If you have shoot all the bubbles of the same color and removed that color completely from the screen, that color will not appear again on the screen.
  • Once the same colored bubbles are completely removed from the screen, the game becomes quite easy to play and your chances of winning the game increases.
  • Playing bubble shooter with big clusters of few colors is comparatively easy to play and makes it easy for you to be more precise while aiming and shooting the bubbles.

Easy Tips and Tricks to reach higher levels in Bubble Shooter

Every game despite having simple concepts has some tips, tricks, and mechanics that make either easier or faster to win. Though Bubble shooter is an uncomplicated game, there are some tricks and hacks that make it easier for you to score higher. These tricks play a big role in reaching higher levels in the game.

Let’s look at some tips that could help you win the game faster than others


Use Border to Bounce Higher

  • While playing the game, you can utilize the border of the box to bounce the ball in the direction you wish to.
  • Once you start playing the game, a point will come where you will not be able to shoot the clustered balls directly by aiming at them. Hence, you will indulge in some aimless shooting and would be aiming at spots where there are no same colored bubbles.
  • However, an experienced or skilled person would know how to utilize the box of the frame to bounce and aim the ball in the right direction to hit all the bubbles of the same color.
  • Be smart and make the most of your time and plan your move strategically, remember you will not be penalized for taking time but for making a wrong move. So be aware and aim smartly.


Use time to plan your move

  • As mentioned in the above steps, you will not be punished for taking the time to shoot the bubbles. Hence, while playing bubble shooter, utilize the time and consider, analyze and plan your every move before aiming.
  • Look at all the options available in front of you then make a strategy as how you are going to proceed.
  • Sometimes, you would see that there are two options in front of you, two clusters of the same colored balls. You might think that you are free to hit any of them, however, you should consider making a choice based on different factors and then make a decision.
  • Before shooting a particular cluster, check if you could shoot another cluster that can remove more bubbles or if you can remove all balls that are not of the same colors. Ask these questions to yourself and then make a plan to shoot.
  • These choices may not seem important and it is possible that you could still succeed without even taking these measures but these informed choices and decisions are what make you distinguish from the rest of the bubble shooter
  • To be a better player, you need to consider all your options. Remember there is no time constraint, taking decisions in a hurry would only lead to unsatisfied results even in a simple game like bubble shooter. So, utilize time, prepare, consider different factors and then move ahead.


Completely remove a cluster with the same color

  • Another trick or tactic that you can apply while playing the game is completely removing a cluster with similar color because once you remove a single color, it will not appear on the screen again.
  • By removing a single color completely, you will have to deal with clusters of few colors only and that would ease out the complexity in the game and make it much easier to play.
  • With fewer colors on the screen, the chances of clearing out the similar colors would increase.
  • While playing this game, once you have entirely removed the single color, half of the game is won. You can apply this strategy from the very beginning by aiming to clear out the spaces between similar colored bubbles.
  • While playing with this technique, you will intentionally have to shoot the bubbles that have no chance of hitting the string so that you could deliberately make spaces between the same colored clusters. By doing so, the chances of removing a color entirely from the screen would become much higher.
  • This strategy requires time, lots of logical reasoning and involves risk as if you are unable to shoot the string or cluster at the beginning within five attempts, extra lines of bubbles would be added up and the game would become more complex and difficult.
  • Having so many extra lines of bubbles added up, in the beginning, would limit your options and you would be forced to shoot in a way to avoid losing the game just when it began and that is why this strategy is not usually recommended.
  • The strategy is only recommended to experienced and pro players who could decide based on the game whether the particular game allows for this technique or not.


Create Avalanches and remove the entire cluster

  • Avalanches are the best and the most effective way in bubble shooter to clear up the entire cluster of the bubbles.
  • When you shoot at the cluster of similar to entirely remove the single color, the whole cluster and the bubbles around it fall down and break creating an avalanche, this would shoot up all the bubbles regardless of their colors.
  • Creating a cliff that can lead to an avalanche can be a rewarding strategy in bubble shooter but for this to happen, you would require a bit of sheer luck for the bubbles to be placed in a certain position.
  • No matter how tough or unlikely is this to happen but this surely is the most effective way to reach higher levels in the game.


Do not limit yourself while playing Bubble shooter

  • Creating the whole new cluster or string from the ground bottom without spoiling your other options can be a really hard task to achieve
  • Make sure you are do not limit yourself to not explore the hidden treasures by aimlessly shooting any spots.
  • Sometimes when you have no options left and you are forced to shoot somewhere, your aimless shots reduce your chances of hitting the jackpots.
  • Hence, in situations like this, try to create completely new stings or clusters in the areas that have the potential for a lot of similar color bubbles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can win in the game if you clear all the levels.

You can download bubble shooter on your mobile phone from your respective app store. However, you can search for the game online on any browser, you can play the game directly from there without any hassles of downloading.

Yes, bubble shooter is available for laptops and PCs. You can also download the game on your mobile phones or tablets.

Bubble shooter is a simple game with no complex features and high-end graphics. The simplicity of the game makes it compatible with almost all devices.

The basic rules involve the player to shoot with an aim to clear cluster of bubbles with the same color. The players are given five chances to shoot at the same colored bubbles if they fail to do so and shoot randomly anywhere, the game keeps on adding lines of more bubbles and makes the game more complex.

No, bubble shooter is not only for kids. The game was ideally created for kids giving its simple concept and easy mechanics but its non-complex concept became the reason for a lot of adults being attracted to the game. The game might seem simpler but has its own complexities and that’s what makes it more interesting.