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In recent times, people have been addicted to games that have high-quality graphics and interactive user interface design. These games surely may be entertaining but all have similar gameplay and the users would have to go through a similar story and paths in order to win the game. Hence, a point may come where the players have stuck and the game becomes boring for them.

Bubble Shooter is a classic arcade game that has been there since the very beginning of the gaming world. The game is called classic for a reason, it might be old but still hasn’t lost its charm till date. Bubble Shooter might not provide high-end graphics but the game is surely addictive and it is for its simplicity that attracts players of almost all age groups. As compared to the new generation games that have similar objectives and challenges, the Bubble Shooter has interactive gameplay where the users have to apply a different technique each time they play the game. No two games of Bubble Shooter are similar to each other, the game difficulty increases with each level.

The game may appear simple but the winning circumstances keep changing depending upon the game. The game comes with a basic set of rules and anyone with a basic knowledge of computers, color differentiation, and logic reasoning can play this game very easily. The whole objective of the game is to shoot all the similar colored bubbles on the screen. You are required to aim and shoot a minimum of two or three bubbles of the same color to achieve the game objective and to reach the next level. There is no time constraint so you can easily plan and strategize your next move as one wrong move can ruin your game.

Continue aiming and shooting the same colored bubbles till there is no bubble left. Start again and beat your own high score and have fun while you complete each challenge.