Beginner’s Guide to Bubble Shooter Games: How to Play?

free bubble shooterOnline gaming has become very much part of our daily lives. There is nothing more relaxing than playing a fun game like the classic Bubble Shooter game after a long day. The Bubble Shooter is popular as a classic game for a reason. Though the game has easy mechanics that does not mean it’s easy to score high points in the game. The game has its own complexities and involves strategies and planning at each step in order to fulfill the game objective.

Bubble Shooter Features that distinguish it from other games

  • The game has no high-end graphics and complex features and thus makes it compatible with almost all the devices.
  • Bubble Shooter easy and simple game features make it popular among the audiences of all ages.
  • Bubble Shooter has different settings of bubbles in each game. No two games are similar to each other and hence the game never becomes boring.
  • Thought the game might simple but the users have to apply their brains and do independent thinking to clear levels and score high.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Game?bubble shooter

  • The rules of the game are quite simple, anyone who knows how to click a mouse can differentiate between colors and has some logical reasoning that can play the game.
  • The main objective of the game is to aim and shoot the same colored bubbles on the screen until there are no bubbles on the screen.
  • Shooting only the same colored bubbles would make game boring after some time so to add up some twist to the game, there are some penalties the users have to pay after they incur mistakes.
  • Though the users are required to shoot the same colored bubbles it becomes difficult after some time so the game keeps adding on extra lines of bubbles if you start shooting randomly. After the fifth attempt, each wrong shot would cost you added up bubbles line making game more challenging for you.
  • There is no time-constraint in the game and hence you can take as much time as you want to plan your move in advance.
  • Aim and shoot at the same colored bubbles, make sure that there are at least two or three connected bubbles to remove the whole cluster.

Tips and Tricks to score high in the Bubble Shooterbubbleshooter

  • While playing the game, you can make use of the border of the box to shoot in the direction you want to.
  • There will be a time in the game when there will be no same-colored bubbles left on the screen and then you will indulge in some aimless shooting. To avoid this make use of the box and aim at your target.
  • As mentioned above, the game does not punish you for taking up too much time. You can take up as much time as you want. So utilize your time wisely and make a strategy for your next move.
  • Before shooting at particular bubbles, check if there are other clusters that can remove more bubbles. Shoot in the direction that would yield you maximum results.
  • Make use of Avalanches to remove the entire same colored bubbles in a single go.
  • Remember, Bubble Shooter might seem like an easy game to play but it is hard to be mastered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bubble Shooter only for kids?

NO, bubble shooter is not only for kids. Anyone who knows how to click a mouse, can differentiate between colors and has some logical reasoning can play the game.

  • Can I download Bubble Shooter on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can download bubble shooter on your mobile phones as well as laptops and PCs

  • How to download Bubble Shooter on Windows Pcs and MacBooks?

You can download Bubble Shooter on Windows Pcs and MacBooks via these apps

  • BlueStacks App player
  • Andy App Player 
  • YouWave App Player
  • iPadian
  • What are the basic rule for Bubble Shooter?

The basic rule of the bubble shooter is to clear all the same color bubbles from the screen. Plan, aim and shoot at least two or three same colored bubbles in a row.

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