Top Effective Tips and Tricks to reach higher levels in Bubble Shooter

free bubble shooterOnline gaming has become very much a part of our lives. Online games such as Bubble Shooter are relaxing and takes away the hustles of daily lives. The Bubble Shooter has been very popular since the very beginning. The game has simple rules and easy mechanics and that’s what attracts most of the users. Bubble Game was ideally created for kids but given its simplicity, soon it became famous among all age groups. 

How to Play Bubble Shooter?bubble shooter

  • Bubble Shooter is a simple game with an easy concept. The rules of the games are quite simple, you just have to aim and shoot at the same colored bubbles.
  • The main aim of the game is to clear all the bubbles from the screen by shooting at least two or three same colored bubbles.
  • The rules might sound simple but there are punishments and penalties for each wrong random shot after the fifth attempt.
  • The game does not have any time constraint so plan your move wisely in advance and then shoot.
  • Utilize the time and create a strategy to always stay one step ahead in the game.

 Tips and Tricks to reach higher levels in Bubble Shooterbubbleshooter


  • Shoot and Target Hanging Bubbles

If you notice a few bubbles hanging off from the group of same-colored bubbles, rather than shooting the single bubble, wait till you have the same colored bubble in your shooting cannon and then shoot. This would instantly free up some space. Always keep an eye on what color bubble is going to pop up next. Once you know the color, plan your move in advance.

  • Make use of the Bank Shots

‘Bank Shots’ are the shot that you make while shooting a wall so the bubble bounces off to the adjacent or opposite wall to burst bubbles of the same color. This also helps in squeezing in the bubbles and creating some space. Bank Shots are most helpful when you cannot shoot the bubbles directly or when there are not many same-colored bubbles left on the screen.

  • Utilize time and Plan in advance

As mentioned above, there is no time constraint in the game, so utilize the time wisely and plan your move in advance. Look at all the options available in front of you then make a strategy as to how you are going to proceed. There might some times when there will be different groups of the same-colored bubbles on the screen, you might think that it does not matter wherever you shoot but actually it does matter. Shoot the bubbles that you think would clear most of the bubbles around.

  • Create Avalanches to remove the entire color

Avalanches are the best way to clear all the same colored bubbles from the screen in a single go. When you shoot at the group of similar colors to entirely remove a single color, the whole group and the bubbles around it fall down creating an avalanche, this would burst all the bubbles around regardless of their color. Creating a cliff for an avalanche to happen in the Bubble Shooter is quite difficult and requires a bit of luck for bubbles to be in that setting. No matter how tough or unlikely it might sound but is surely an effective way to remove or burst all the bubbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many levels are there in Bubble Shooter?

There are more than 2000 levels in the Bubble Shooter game. No two games are similar to each other and the difficulty level of the game increase with each level.

  • Is Bubble Shooter only for kids?

No, Bubble Shooter is not only for kids. The game is widely played across the world with users of almost all ages.

  • What are some other Bubble Shooter games?

Here’s a list of other Bubble Shooter games :

  • Smarty Bubbles
  • Candy Bubbles
  • Smurfy Bubble Story
  • Kitty Bubbles
  • Soccer Bubbles
  • Bubble Dragons
  • Is Bubble Shooter Compatible with Windows 7?

Bubble Shooter has easy game mechanics and does not require any additional plugins or flash player. The game is compatible with almost all windows.

  • Is there any time limit in the Bubble Shooter game?

Bubble Shooter does not have any time constraints. You can take as much time as you want to plan your strategy. Keep an eye on the upcoming bubble and utilize the time to plan your move in advance to stay ahead in the game.

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