Sit Back and Relax with Bubble Shooting Games

bubble shooterBubble Shooter has been one of the most addictive games online. The game has simple specs and easy concept. The game was ideally designed for the kids but because of its easy mechanics and no hard and fast rule, it is played widely by users of almost all ages. BubbleShooter is a fun relaxing game and is best to enjoy after whole day work.

The game is popular as a classic for a reason, it might seem simple but it’s not easy to be mastered. To be pro at this game you need to give it time, experience and practice. Only an experienced player can use tricks and strategies and win the game.

Why Should You Play Bubble Shooter?bubbleshooter

  • The best part about the bubble shooter is that anyone can play it provided they know how to click a mouse, can differentiate between colors and have some logical reasoning. 
  • The game has simple specs and no high-end graphics and that’s what makes it compatible with almost all the devices be it your laptop, computer or mobile phones.
  • Bubble shooter has combined all the features of old classic games and provides us with a perfect blend of puzzle, fun, and strategy.
  • The game might simple to play but it requires users to apply some logical reasoning, plan their moves and then shoot.
  • These new-generation games with high-quality graphics and complex user interfaces have almost the same plotline and the users have to follow that in order to win but this is not the case with the classic- Bubble Shooter, each game is different with different arrangements of bubbles.

How to Play the classic Bubble Shooter Game?bubble games

  • Bubble shooter was earlier available for mobile phones but it’s given its popularity it became available for Pcs and Laptops too and later for all the electronic devices.
  • The game is based on the simple premise of shooting all the same colored bubbles in a row. You need to match at least two or three bubbles to fulfill the game objective.
  • When you shoot the bubbles or clusters of the same color, the bubbles connected to them or around them also disappear.
  • Since the game has a simple rule, you only have to aim and shoot for the same colored bubbles, if you fail to do so five times in a row, you will be punished.
  • If the game only requires users to shoot the same colored bubbles, there would not be much fun, hence the penalities. There will be new lines of bubbles added up for every wrong shot after the fifth attempt.
  • There is no time constraint with the game, so you can take as much time as you want to plan your moves. Utilize the time and plan your strategy in advance.
  • You can invite over your friends and family for the game and challenge them to play with you.

Bubble Shooter is a classic fun game and is played widely all across the world. It has a fun and challenging concept. If you are playing alone, you are your own competition. Beat your high scores and set a new one. Plan your moves in advance and stay one step ahead in winning the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is bubble shooter an easy game to play?

Yes, Bubble shooter is an easy game to play. You just to have to shoot bubbles of similar colors to remove them entirely from the screen. Though it’s an easy game, it still requires you to apply some logical reasoning.

  • Is bubble shooter only for kids?

No, bubble shooter is not only for kids. Users of almost all the play and enjoy the game.

  • Can I download Bubble Shooter on my phone?

Yes, you can bubble shooter on your phone. It is available for laptops, PC’s and tablets as well.

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