Play Bubble Shooter Mark – A remarkable shift in the Classic Arcade Game

bubble gamesIf you are looking out to kill some time on the phone without running down on battery and you don’t even want to install anything on your phone, then Bubble Shooter Mark is an excellent option for you. Bubble Shooter Mark is built on the same premise of all the games in the bubble shooter category and the objective is similar .ie. to shoot all the same colored bubbles on the screen. The game does not take up much space on your phone and does not even drain out the battery much.

How is Bubble Shooter Mark different from other Classic Arcade Games?Bubble shooter

  • Remember as a kid when you had to be patient and wait for enough to play your favorite arcade games. Bubble Shooter Mark would make you nostalgic about that time. 
  • The game is suitable for kids as well as adults.
  • Since it does not require much space and any additional requirements or any high-end graphic suite, Bubble Shooter Mark is compatible with almost the electronic devices.
  • The game offers two modes; one is endless and the other one is the puzzle. Before beginning the game, you will be asked to choose from these two modes.bubbleshooter

Bubble Shooter Mark – Endless Mode

  • If you choose the Endless mode, you will see that there is shooting cannon and downside and on the upper side of the screen is filled with moving bubbles and you have to shoot those moving bubbles.
  • You have to shoot at least two or three multiple colored bubbles to make the pattern and to score points. Shoot the bubbles with the same colors for high scores.
  • If the bubbles on your canon match the bubbles that you are aiming to shoot at, the bubbles on the screen will disappear automatically.
  • The game is not as simple as it sounds. To make it more challenging, the bubbles on the screen keep moving and once they reach the bottom, you will lose all the bubbles that you have shot before and your game would end. So be careful and utilize the time wisely, plan your moves and be fast.
  • There are lot of elements to help you out and make the game a little bit easier for you. For eg: Bomb, this will help you to shoot a group of bubbles without even matching the colors.
  • You will also find a character with a bird or baby face on it, that character will also disappear.
  • Play Endless mode in the BubbleShooter Mark game when you are free and spend dedicated time on the game.

Bubble Shooter Mark – The Puzzle Mode

  • The Puzzle Mode is not as same as  The Endless Mode. In the Puzzle Mode, the players have to shoot at the bubbles to free the birds from those bubbles.
  • This might sound simple but releasing birds from those bubbles requires strategy and time management because this mode has a time constraint and you will only get a set number of bubbles to shoot at.
  • If you do not shoot the bubbles on time as well as with the number of bubbles you have, you will lose the game.
  • There are over 125 levels in this mode and the difficulty of levels keeps increasing.
  • Plan your move in advance and manage time to win this mode.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is Bubble Shooter Mark different from the other classic arcade games?


The Bubble Shooter Mark offers two different modes; Endless and the Puzzle. In the Endless mode, the screen will be filled with the moving bubbles and you to shoot them before they touch the ground. In the Puzzle mode, you have to play strategically and release the birds from the bubbles while managing the time and shooting bubbles.


  • Can I download Bubble Shooter Mark on my Laptop?


Yes, you can download Bubble Shooter Mark on your laptop as well as Pcs, mobile phones, and tablets.


  • Can I invite my friends and family for the Bubble Shooter Mark game?


Yes, you invite your friends and family to the game and compete with them or challenge them to beat your high scores.

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