Top 7 Bubble Shooter Games available on the Internet

If you want to spend some time on the phone without draining out your phone battery and compromising on your phone storage then downloading Bubble Shooter games is an excellent option for you.

The concept of the game is simple and the game has easy mechanics that appeal to the audiences all over. The original Bubble Game was the Puzzle Bobble and since then a lot of games have come in the market with the same concept but slight modifications catering to the needs of the users. The rules are basic; you just have to aim and shoot at least three same-colored bubbles in a row and clear all the bubbles from the screen to win the game. Each game has different bubbles settings and has more than 2000 levels.

Here’s a list of top 7 bubble shooter games that you can find on the internet.

  • Bubble Shooterfree bubble shooter

The game has been there for quite some time now. This is the oldest game in the bubble shooter genre. The rules are simple and the graphics are not so high-end and thus it makes as a good option to start from. 

The game has HTML5 and hence should work on your browser, it does not need any plugin or flash player. Download the game on Desktop and enjoy it.

  • Smarty Bubblesbubbleshooter

Smarty Bubbles is almost similar to the classic Bubble Shooter game. The game provides better features and has its own modifications.

The playfield is narrower and that’s what makes it best suited for mobile phones. When you shoot the bubbles they shift a little bit giving you an indication of where the shot hit.

  • Candy Bubblebubble shooter

Candy Bubble is another Bubble Shooter game with graphics full of candies that would remind you of Candy Crush. It is also a great game to begin with this genre, instead of semi-random bubbles settings, you will first get simple groupings.

The game also offers quality features such as visual indicators that show how a shot bounced off the wall.

  • Kitty Bubblesfree bubble shooter

Kitty Bubbles has the cat in the bottom as a launcher and the yarns of wool replace the bubbles. Kitty at the bottom to smash your yarn to mix with others.

Kitty Bubbles works best for mobile and is one of the best bubble shooter game.

  • Soccer Bubblebubble shooter

Like the Kitty Bubbles, the game is similar to the bubble shooter game but with slight modifications of its own. Instead of Bubbles, it has soccer balls and the launcher there is a human.

Other than the graphical and visual changes of the elements, the game, and its concept remain the same as shooting the same colored bubbles.

  • Bubble Dragonsbubbleshooter

The game not only just takes the basic concept of the bubble shooter game but it moves further with it. You just don’t have to match the bubbles but you have to match it with the dragon eggs and if you match any color nearer to any of the egg, the egg will explode and if the other egg is anywhere nearer to that egg, it would burst in that explosion too. The explosion is huge and can help you earn a lot of combos with that. 

Like Candy Bubbles, it also has an indicator that lets you know the direction of your shot. The game has amazing sound effects and great graphics.

  • Bubbles Shooterbubble game

This is a different game from Bubble Shooter, the extra alphabet does not change the game much but there is a quality sound and added graphics that you would like. 

The game allows you to store or swap any bubble, this would help you score combos and reach higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download the Soccer Bubble on my phone?

Yes, you can download Soccer Bubble game on your mobile via Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

  • How is Kitty Bubbles different from the classic Bubble Shooter game?

Kitty Bubbles is almost similar to the classic Bubble Shooter game. The only difference is that the game has yarns of wools instead of bubbles and the launcher is a kitty. The game also has improved sound quality and cute graphics.

  • Are all Bubble Shooter games the same?

The concept of all Bubble Shooter games is almost the same with slight changes or modifications with the graphics and sound.

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